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Your Wellbeing During Lockdown: The Central London Estate Agents Advice

Now the dream of a prolonged time at home has become a reality, does it match up to your expectations? Under different, more favourable circumstances perhaps. But it has at least given us all a valuable insight on your well being during a lockdown.

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What’s the new trend in property preferences among university students post COVID lockdown?

Hudsons have been speaking to students at many of London’s world-renowned universities who are currently studying or due to start, regarding their accommodation needs. The feedback has been very interesting as new trends start to form post COVID-19 lockdown.

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A rental agreed in lockdown: One of the success stories of Hudsons virtual viewings!

Some great news from Hudsons on how virtual viewings worked amazingly for our clients during the COVID-19 lockdown, achieved by modern technology and our excellent local market knowledge plus years of experience in the West End London property market.

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COVID-19: London Estate Agent are adapting for business

Central London estate agent Hudsons Property explain how they are using tech solutions to support clients during COVID-19. Buy or sell property with Hudsons.

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Property marketing in London goes online

Online marketing solutions are working well for buyers and sellers during the current COVID-19 lockdown, as they allow home seekers and vendors to prepare the ground for the predicted surge in the market activity once restrictions are relaxed.

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Hudsons Lettings Encourage Virtual Business

Since online activity has increased due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Hudsons has become well equipped to provide the safest property search for you. During this period of social distancing, virtual communication is key in giving us the best results.

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Business Continues at Hudsons Despite COVID-19 Outbreak

Amid the recent COVID-19 outbreak, Hudsons are still open for business with short term measures around social distancing in place to safeguard our customers. Viewings, virtual viewings and valuations are still available, so Hudsons has it covered as Jonathan explains.

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Commercial Office Space Ideas That Promote Wellness

Did you know that smart commercial office space ideas promote wellness? In this insightful video Jonathan Hudson, founder of Hudsons Property, explains how wellness facilities are transforming today’s office spaces.

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Top 5 Scaleup/Startup Office Move Pitfalls to Avoid

Your new startup business has a great idea, the funders like it and you receive a huge injection of cash to move your business to the next level. You then need to up-size and attracting the right talent is only part of the challenge.

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The 2019 Election Housing Report: What Are the Parties Promising?

Taking a closer look at the 2019 Election Housing Report, how could promises made by parties affect you?

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Get the Look: Three On-Trend International Interior Design Styles for your Space

We are often inspired by interior design trends from our travels around the world, but why stop at the odd souvenir? Here we take the advice from Space Consultancy ( and look at three stunning international interior design trends that could transform your home.

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Home Automation Ideas for Landlords

Home automation has come to the fore in recent years and you need to ride the wave if you want to keep up with the London rental market. As well as making your life easier, smart technology guarantees quality tenants look your way. However, which smart home ideas should you look to incorporate?

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