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Block Management Services in London

Founded in 2002 by Jonathan Hudson our company ethos is deliver a personal 1st class service that exceeds expectations and delivers excellent results.

With our extensive industry experience and know-how we are confident that you will be delighted with the Block Management service we provide, safe in the knowledge that your assets are afforded the management, time and protection that they deserve, that will enhance your home or investment.

We understand that our clients demand more than just maintaining their homes and property assets. Our multi-faceted service is designed not just to care for your property, but with careful consultation with our clients, we aim to enhance their property and maximise its future investment potential. Hudsons is a multi-disciplined practice with departments covering Residential Sales and Lettings with Tenancy Management, Commercial Investment and Office Agency and Block Management. Throughout all disciplines our primary focus is our service offering to Hudsons customers.

Download the Block Management Service Brochure here

For more information contact Robert Burwood on 020 7631 8700

Included In Our Service

Our services include the fundamental areas of service charge collection and accounts administration together with the following:

  • Proposing a service charge budget for you to agree
  • Preparing a rolling reserve fund or capital expenditure
  • Collection service charges in the manner the lease sets out
  • Negotiating contracts, repairs, and long term qualifying agreements
  • Interpreting leases, case laws and up to date statutory laws and requirements
  • Signpost you when we think you need specialist advice
  • Implementing best practice as it applies to the task in hand
  • Reacting by appointing contracts for small repairs to the structure, plant fixtures, fitting and equipment on a day to day basis
  • Managing, supporting and guiding neighbour issues
  • Diagnosing problems on site.
  • Interpreting fire risk assessment and planning with you what you need to do
  • Instructing solicitors to deal with serious debt recovery
  • Re-tendering cleaning, garden, and facilities contracts to deliver best value to you
  • Arranging insurance for buildings, directors and officers, plat and public liability through our specialist insurance broker
  • Inspecting the common parts at a mutually agreed frequency. Our standard proposal includes twice annually unless otherwise stated.
  • Appointing a certified accountant to prepare service charge accounts.
  • Protecting your money by holding service charges in trust, in a RICS regulated client account.
  • Attendance to one annual general meeting per annum

The Process

As soon as you have decided upon Hudsons as your block manager we need to arrange for our terms and conditions of management to be signed. 

We will require that that prior to engaging us you will have established any current contractual obligations you hold with any other agents and provided for any required notices. If there is anything in our agreement which is not quite clear, we are here to help and explain. We undertake all our management agreements for a fixed minimum term of twelve months.
These will be the steps that will help a smooth transition:

  1.  We will issue to you our management handover checklist, which details a series of paperwork and information we require. This can simply be handed to any current agents to compile. In any case, you can provide us with your current agents’ details and we will do all the work. We will advise along the way of any additional information we require.
  2.  Once this is in place we shall set up the requisite bank accounts, files etc. in preparation for the official handover date. This is a great opportunity to discuss anything you know will want to change, write to the contractors to confirm the change of management and inform the owners of the new set-up.
  3. Once the handover is complete we shall have a clear idea of your properties financial position and the current thinking regarding both short and long term plans.
  4. The first few months are about building relationships and developing understanding. We will then really start to understand the agreed views of the owners and their expectations. This is a great time to consider your long term capital requirements and begin planning for the future. This includes considering your financial position against your capital milestones. What future work will be required? When and approximately how much will it cost?


For more information contact Paul on 020 7631 8700