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Steps to renting your home

We have listed the steps for renting a london home. We hope the guide below will be both of interest and helpful to you. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help with any enquiries or queries you may have at any stage of the process.

If you require further information or advice please contact our lettings team on +44 (0) 323 2277 where our experienced staff will be pleased to help you.

Decide what your requirements are

First you must decide on the essentials: budget, closely followed by location, are the first things to consider, followed by the accommodation you require and how many bedrooms you will need. Consider what style of home you prefer, modern or characterful? Do you require outside space? Regarding location, what transport links and any other must-haves would you like? Take time to go and walk the streets so you can get an idea of the neighbourhood that suits you best. It is worth remembering that most landlords are looking for tenants to fill a property as soon as the previous tenant moves out but this is usually within two to four weeks of your offer being agreed. Hudsons can expedite this for you should you need it.

Consider your costs

There are a number of costs to be taken into account when renting a property and it is advisable to budget your finances before you begin viewings. Typically these will include:

A monthly rental figure is calculated by multiplying the weekly amount by 52 (weeks) and dividing this by 12 (months). Remember, there are approximately 4.3 weeks.

  • Damage deposit: A deposit equivalent to five weeks rent is usually required before your move to cover any damage caused during the duration of the tenancy
  • Council Tax: Charged by the local council for access to public services like doctors, roads and community services
  • Utilities: Gas, electric, phone, broadband and water
  • Your home contents insurance. So many tenants miss this – you have valuables so get them insured! Hudsons can assist with insurers who can help with this

Register and start your search

Take a look around the market. Rightmove is a property portal holding stock from the big agents in each area. They provide an initial overview of the properties available in the area/s you will be looking. Then start to register with each agent who has the type of properties you are looking for as new properties come and go before they even hit Rightmove. At Hudsons once you have registered we will immediately begin assisting you in the search for your new home, advising you on the most relevant properties we have available and sharing our in-depth local knowledge. The more specific you can be about your requirements, the more able we are to match you to your ideal future home.

You can register with Hudsons by visiting our office at 24 Charlotte Street, calling 020 7323 2277 or emailing: hello@hudsonsproperty.com

Viewing a property

We will strive to arrange property viewing appointments at times that best suit you, and will accompany you on weekdays, evenings and, by appointment, on weekends. The more properties we view with you, the better equipped we are to understand the kind of property you really want and need.

Making an offer

Once you have found your ideal home and decide to make an offer, we will submit the offer on your behalf to the landlord, both verbally and in writing. At this point it is important to state the length of tenancy you require along with any special conditions. This will assist the landlord in their decision making.

Any offer you make on a property will be subject to satisfactory references and subject to contract, as it is not legally binding, for you or the Landlord, until the tenancy agreement is fully executed (signed by both parties).

Rental agreed

Once the landlord has accepted your offer, we will require one week’s holding deposit from you in order to remove the property from the market and away from other prospective tenants. This is the point where we will ask you to fill in reference forms and also you may be required to perform a Right to Rent check which is a statutory requirement for anyone renting in the UK.

Signing the Tenancy Agreement

A tenancy agreement will be drawn up for you. This is a legally binding contract clearly defining the rent payable, duration of the tenancy, your responsibilities and rights, the landlord’s responsibilities and the scheme under which your damage deposit will be held. At around this time you may be asked to make arrangements for any tenancy monies due to be paid as these will need to be paid over in cleared funds by the tenancy start date.

Moving In

Once the tenancy agreement has been signed we will require from you monies for the five-week damage deposit, one month advanced rent and any arrangement/reference fees. You will need to make time to meet the inventory clerk who will prepare an accurate list of the property’s contents and condition. Although this can be done without you being present, we would advise that you are. Hudsons will assist you with arranging the change of utility providers. The inventory clerk or the agent will then provide you with keys to your new home.

Congratulations the property is now yours!