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Our most comprehensive service for full tenancy management is very popular with landlords who reside outside of London or overseas, as well as those who do not have the time or the inclination to deal with all the various legislation, repairs and problems that may occur during a tenancy.

Even before the tenancy has begun, our expert property management team take over, providing you with complete peace of mind that your property is being conscientiously cared for as if it was their own. Preparing the flat for tenants prior to them moving in is vital to start the relationship off on a good footing.

Our property management team make sure they are well versed on all aspects of your property, from the location and general condition to knowledge of which appliances or items of furniture are still under guarantee, so we do not spend where it is not necessary.

Often a lot of calls we get are related to items which we can diagnose or even fix over the phone to save you money as a landlord. We also utilise the latest technology in an online tool on our website which advises tenants through household procedures so they can fix some of the problems themselves. We also log maintenance issues if they cannot be resolved online.

Nothing ultimately beats the personal interaction between a property manager and a landlord, whether that is on the phone, in person or via an email and we will always go that bit further to make sure you are getting value for money from our service.

The following services are included within our Property Management service.

Property Management Services

24-hour call out service

Should an emergency occur at your property we can provide a prompt out of hours response to quickly resolve the issue.

Regular clear statements

You will receive a full statement every time we pass collected rental monies to you showing any agreed deductions. These are ideal for your end of year tax returns.

Annual rent review and property valuation appraisal

Each year we shall offer you a comprehensive update on market conditions including the rental value of your property and a current appraisal of the sales market value.

Annual safety tests

If your property requires an updated gas or electricity safety inspection and certification we shall arrange this for you.

Deposit claim negotiation

This is a particularly important part of our management service. On the conclusion of the tenancy we shall report to you on our recommendations for any proposed deposit deductions and negotiate with the tenant to make sure that you receive fair compensation for any losses to your property at the end of a tenancy. In the rare occasions that an agreement can not be reached then we shall refer the dispute on your behalf to the TDS for adjudication and final resolution.

Management of property during void periods

Part of our service can include (at extra cost) the management of your property whilst it is vacant between tenancies.

Tenancy renewals

On your behalf we shall negotiate the best rent possible for any extended or renewed tenancy terms and draw up the necessary paperwork.

General maintenance and repairs

As and when repairs and maintenance are required we shall arrange and oversee any works undertaken. We can also arrange and manage major refurbishment projects where required. Please contact our office for further details.

Service charge payment

Should your property be liable for Service Charge or Ground Rent Payments we shall administer the payment on your behalf.

Furniture Provision and Interior Design

Should you require either design advice or new furnishings for your property we can arrange and source these items through a choice of specialist providers, often at very short notice.

Vetting and overseeing contractors

We only used approved contractors that we have personally vetted and for whom we have agreed working practises, fair charges and who have the relevant insurance cover in place.

Up to Twice yearly property inspections

Our property manager will inspect your property up to twice yearly (depending on level of Service you have signed up to) and send you a report. This allows us to detect any issues or problems early that might not have been reported to us by the current tenants. This also helps you have a peace of mind that your property is being well cared for.

Obtaining consents

Where required by a freeholder or managing agent we shall obtain on your behalf the requisite consents to formalise acceptance of the tenancy and satisfy the head lease condition

Overseas Landlords Tax Liability and Landlord Tax Returns

Hudsons will ensure that the tax requirements for overseas-based landlords are complied with, and supply annual information so that completing your tax return is straightforward. We can also offer a Tax Return service for landlord’s end of year self-assessment submission at an additional cost. Please contact us for more details.

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