Top 5 Mistakes Inexperienced Landlords Make

By HUDSONS | 4th Feb 2016 | Property News

Top 5 Mistakes Inexperienced Landlords Make With the way the housing market is today, many investors who have been fortunate enough to preserve their cash or to maintain an access to credit, with some...

London buyers get Help to Buy boost

By Hudsons | 25th Nov 2015 | House Prices

The government will provide equity loans to cover up to 40% of the price of homes in London, under an extension of the Help to Buy scheme unveiled by George Osborne today.

Tackling the problem of rogue landlords in the UK

By Hudsons | 23rd Nov 2015 | Landlord Advice

Rogue landlords and letting agents have long been a problem in the UK and around the world. Although few and far between, landlords and agents tarnish the property industry as a whole and undermine tenants confidence in rental properties.

New UK Buy to Let Tax law – How Much Will it cost you?

By SUPER USER | 11th Nov 2015 | Property News

The UK property market is still reeling from the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne’s budget announcement of 8th July 2015 relating to interest relief on buy to let property mortgages. The UK Treasury are making changes to...

10 reasons to use a surveyor

By Hudsons | 30th Oct 2015 | Landlord Advice

We know that a surveyor’s report is absolutely invaluable when you’re buying a new home, but thousands of new homeowners still proceed on the basis of a simple mortgage valuation.

So just how long does it take to save a deposit for a property? An average of 33 Years!

By HUDSONS | 20th Oct 2015 | Property News

It’s a thorny subject but just how long does it take to save up for a deposit for a house? Taking average house prices for the area, putting aside 10% of...