Shrewd Students Avoid the Rush Hour

By Jonathan Hudson | 13th Jul 2018 | Property Advice

Each year, from mid-August until early October, activity in student lettings for overseas and second-year students rockets. Many return from their holidays without the knowledge of what lies before them with a hectic rush to secure a home to live in for the remainder of the course; it’s that busy that it is like traveling at rush hour and expecting a clear run, only to be met with more traffic and less alternative route options as everyone is trying to find the same outcome!

London Evening Standard - Robert Burwood's 'Diary of an Estate Agent', July 2018

By Robert Burwood | 11th Jul 2018 | London Evening Standard

Monday - Riding to work on my motorbike this morning in glorious weather, the 7.30am view from Alexandra Palace across London reminds me of the calm before the storm that is lettings at this time of year.

Top Tips to Sell Your Home in Tougher Market Conditions

By Jonathan Hudson | 5th Jul 2018 | Property Advice

The Central London property market has always attracted interest from far and wide, and that is still very much the case today. However, new legislation and increased taxes on purchases has cooled interest and transactions. For many sellers this is seen as disruptive, but these measures were no doubt put in place to steer us away from the boom and bust scenarios of years gone as they stop buy-to-let investors taking new stock away from would be homeowners.

London Evening Standard - Jonathan Hudson's 'Diary of an Estate Agent', June 2018

By Jonathan Hudson | 13th Jun 2018 | London Evening Standard

Resident Letter from Westminster City Council Regarding the Pedestrianisation of Oxford Street

By Jonathan Hudson | 11th Jun 2018 | Government Regulation

For many of our readers, the news that Westminster Council has decided not to proceed with the Pedestrianisation of Oxford Street will be warmly received. Please see below a copy of the notification we received from the Marylebone Association, a letter written by the Leader of Westminster City Council, confirming that Oxford Street will not be pedestrianised, but improvements will be planned to the benefit of all.

London Evening Standard - Jonathan Hudson's 'Diary of an Estate Agent', May 2018

By Jonathan Hudson | 18th May 2018 | London Evening Standard

Monday - Summery weather brings renewed interest in West End property. Over the last week we have had a huge rise in enquiries and viewings. While we’re not at the levels of the peak market, it does go to show that when the sun is out buyers get more fuelled up about their property needs.