By Jonathan Hudson | 23rd Mar 2020 | Rentals

Since online activity has increased due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Hudsons has become well equipped to provide the safest property search for you. During this period of social distancing, virtual communication will give us the best results. In this intimate chat with Jonathan, Robert Burwood the Director of Lettings and Management talks about the measures followed at Hudsons for safe and sustainable business in the West End.

What does it mean for the West End property market in the short term? Amid the recent COVID-19 outbreak, Hudsons are still open for business. Short term measures around social distancing continue to safeguard our customers however. The office is open, but most will be working from home. Viewings including virtual viewings and valuations are still available, so Hudsons has it covered. Watch this special message from Jonathan as he explains his expert views on what the property market will be like after the COVID-19 outbreak and the steps taken by Hudsons to ensure your safety at all times.

Did you know that smart commercial office space ideas promote wellness? In this insightful video Jonathan Hudson, founder of Hudsons Property, explains how wellness facilities are transforming today’s office spaces. He also advises on choosing the best commercial offices for rent. According to Jonathan, a good location along with great wellness provisions can help a business retain its best employees for longer and enhance productivity.

Your new startup business has a great idea, the funders like it and you receive a huge injection of cash to move your business to the next level. You then need to up-size and attracting the right talent is only part of the challenge. You must find the right space to interest them and keep the current team feeling motivated and creative. 

Taking a closer look at the 2019 Election Housing Report, how could promises made by parties affect you?

As citizens of the world, we’re free to roam wherever our holiday budget allows us to travel and of course, sometimes that means we end up bringing the occasional home decor idea back. But why stop at the odd souvenir when you could re-imagine your whole living space to reflect the spirit and culture of a country you love to visit? Here we take the advice from Space Consultancy ( and look at three stunning international interior design trends that could transform your home.