London house prices: Why fried chicken is a useful guide to where to invest in property

By HUDSONS | 13th Oct 2015 | Property Advice

Well folks, its something that we at Hudson always suspected but now its official – mapping the number of chicken shops against the number of fancy coffee places has revealed...

London Dominates The Global Luxury Property Market [Infographic]

By Hudsons | 7th Oct 2015 | Hudsons News

When the super rich snap up luxury real estate, more often than not, London is their city of choice. Prices for prime real estate in the capital have skyrocketed in recent times, rising faster than any other city over the past ten years.

The tube rent map shows price divide across the capital

By Hudsons | 5th Oct 2015 | Estate Agents Act

Looking for affordable rental property in London? It could be trickier than you think...

How to get rid of condensation in your home

By Hudsons | 3rd Oct 2015 | Landlord Advice

We’ve all done it haven’t we? Its cold or raining outside and those clothes need drying! pop them on the radiator and keep the windows closed to keep the heat in… and there we have it, mould paradise.

London Evening Standard – Jonathan Hudson’s ‘Diary of an Estate Agent’, 28th January 2015

By Hudsons | 30th Jan 2015 | Property News

Diary of an estate agent: Covent Garden is the star of our show

Jonathan Hudson’s comments published in the Daily Mail, “House price surge ‘will tail off over the winter’: Halifax says costs may have peaked after large rises over the summer”

By Hudsons | 9th Oct 2014 | Property News

House price growth has finally peaked and will tail off this winter, new figures show. Halifax said house price inflation appeared to have hit a ceiling over the summer and would continue to slow over the coming months.