Why Buy-To-Let is Still a Great Investment Option

By Jonathan Hudson | 30th Sep 2019 | Landlord Advice

You’ve come into some money, now what? Whether you’ve inherited, won or earned this capital; you know that it’s not going to be able to do much for you sitting in your bank account. Nor will it grow, given the anaemic rates of most savings accounts. You need to invest in a stable growth market… and contrary to popular belief, now’s a great time to get in on Buy-To-Let!

Top Tips When Negotiating a Property Sale

By Jonathan Hudson | 19th Feb 2019 | Property Advice

Property transactions are one of the most personal costs that most people will ever make. Read our top tips on negotiating property transactions.

London Evening Standard - Jonathan Hudson's 'Diary of an Estate Agent', January 2019

By JONATHAN HUDSON | 17th Jan 2019 | London Evening Standard

Good news from Simon in sales, who has taken an offer on a house we were marketing before Christmas for an overseas seller. It is in a lovely mews close to our office in Charlotte Street and is presented really well with a great south-facing roof terrace.

London Evening Standard - Simon Bray's 'Diary of an Estate Agent', November 2018

By SIMON BRAY | 30th Nov 2018 | London Evening Standard

Back to work after paternity leave, I’m trying to catch up on the market post-Budget — after stealing some sleep on the Tube on the way in. The team welcome me back with a coffee waiting for me on my desk.

Good smells sell - don’t let bad odours put potential buyers off the scent!

By JONATHAN HUDSON | 28th Nov 2018 | Property Advice

We all love a property with a happy atmosphere and in order to make sure a buyer’s attitude doesn’t stink after viewing your house here are some ideas to make sure your property is smelling as fresh as a daisy!

London Evening Standard - Jonathan Hudson's 'Diary of an Estate Agent', October 2018

By Jonathan Hudson | 17th Oct 2018 | London Evening Standard

Monday - Unexpectedly warm weather for the time of year is boosting viewing numbers, with some buyers looking to be in new homes by Christmas. The forecast looks good so I am hoping it will be a busy week for us.