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Nessa's Restaurant, Soho

The Best Restaurants, Bars and Places to Visit in Soho

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Soho has long been one of the trendiest and most stylish spots in London. This neighbourhood, renowned for its cosmopolitan flair and avant-garde spirit, offers an array of culinary delights, lively bars and fantastic shopping options, all packed into a compact grid of winding alleys and bustling thoroughfares. In this guide, we’ll recommend some of Soho’s best restaurants, bars and hotspots you need to explore, whether you’re a seasoned Soho resident or looking to move to the area.

Places to Wine and Dine in Soho

Step inside Bocconcino and you’ll be transported to a world of opulence, from the blush-hued walls to the gleaming terrazzo floors and a serpentine marble bar accented by copper chandeliers and flecks of shimmering gold. On weekends, there’s a fantastic energy here as resident DJs take up spots in the chic downstairs Sotto bar, while upstairs you can dine on delicacies like beef tartare, truffle crisps and wild boar ragu. This is a place to dress your best and indulge in a truly glamourous experience.

Donia restaurant in Soho, London

Image source: Donia Restaurant


From the group behind beloved spots like Kentish Town’s Panadera Bakery and Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream, comes Donia, a diminutive gem offering a revelatory take on modern Filipino cuisine. Despite its modest size, this Soho eatery packs a mighty punch with a concise yet masterful menu that celebrates the vibrant, flavour-packed gastronomy of the Philippines.

From the delicate dumplings to the bold, richly sauced mains, each dish offers a masterclass in the harmonious blending of diverse ingredients and techniques that define modern Filipino cuisine. Donia is a must-visit for adventurous diners seeking an authentic yet innovative taste of the Philippines in the heart of Soho. 

With an enviable Brewer Street location and a striking facade, Nessa was destined to be more than a fleeting addition to London’s dining scene. However, it was the appointment of acclaimed chef Tom Cenci as executive chef, that truly cemented Nessa’s status as a hotspot, drawing fashionable patrons scrambling for coveted reservations.

You’ll be instantly captivated by Nessa’s playful, Instagram-worthy interiors that beg to be documented, while the menu delights with cheeky twists on breakfast and brunch classics that makes this a favourite for casual weekday meetings or weekend brunches.

Nessa's Restaurant, Soho

Image Source: Nessa’s Soho

Koya offers up the authentic ambiance of a traditional Japanese udon-ya. This casual eatery exudes a minimalist charm. The striking counter dominates the long, narrow space, with chefs deftly crafting dishes on one side and diners savouring each bite on the other. Despite its compact size, the airy and open layout creates a sense of peaceful tranquility. And for those seeking alfresco dining, a quaint table nestled out front beckons.

Beasy Soho

For those seeking a quintessential Soho night out, look no further than Beasy Bar on Greek Street. This hangout ranks among the coolest bars in the neighbourhood, offering the perfect setting for a laughter-filled evening with friends or an unforgettable date night. As the night stretches on, Beasy’s energy only intensifies, drawing in a fashionable crowd seeking the perfect spot to revel until the early hours. Immerse yourself in the glitz and glamour that have made Beasy Soho a beloved destination for those craving a taste of the area’s renowned nightlife.

Beasy's Soho drinks

Image Source: Beasy Bar Soho

From the masterminds behind the beloved Smoking Goat, comes Kiln, a surefire hit that takes Thai barbecue to new heights. Perch at the sleek stainless-steel counter and witness the theatrics unfold as chefs meticulously stoke and tame the fires, coaxing forth authentic northern Thai flavours from the charcoal-fired clay pots. It’s a spectacle for food lovers, with each dish boasting an intoxicating depth of flavour.

From the fragrant dry spice rubs enveloping the impossibly fresh seafood to the robust ginger and spice-laced beef-neck curry, Kiln’s offerings are a symphony of intense, memorable tastes that linger long after the last bite.

Rita’s has been a beloved staple on London’s dining scene for over a decade, trailblazing a unique fusion of American and British cuisines. Its journey began in 2012 when chef Gabriel Pryce and restaurateur Missy Flynn unveiled their pioneering concept in Hackney.

Then, in 2022, Rita’s unveiled its latest incarnation in the heart of Soho, enticing diners with reimagined classics like fried chicken parmigiana, hearty pork chops and the tantalising salt fish taquitos. Adding to the allure is the intimate private dining courtyard tucked away at the back, where small groups can indulge in meticulously curated set menus amid a charming alfresco setting.

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Soho is impossible to resist – this vibrant neighbourhood, with its winding streets and energetic ambiance, offers a unique blend of culinary delights, lively bars and fun nightlife that consistently captivates and surprises. What’s more, it’s an area that’s constantly evolving, with new venues and spots opening up all the time. For properties for sale in this area or the wider West End, get in touch with Hudsons Property today.