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London Evening Standard – Jonathan Hudson's ‘Diary of an Estate Agent’, April 2014

Diary of an estate agent: W1 Sometimes agents do know what a buyer wants more than they do themselves. 9 April 2014 Monday It’s a bright and crisp morning — my favourite kind.

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The Fitzrovia Community Garden Project

Hudsons Property are proud to announce their support and involvement with Fitzrovia Community Centre’s Gardening Project, which will be a wonderful sanctuary for people and business owners alike.

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London Evening Standard – Jonathan Hudson's ‘Diary of an Estate Agent’, December 2013

It feels like a glamorous start to the week in Fitzrovia today, as a fashion shoot is taking place outside the office. Colville Place nearby is often used as a backdrop for photographers, and parts of Jude Law and Richard E Grant’s new film, Dom Hemingway, were filmed there — a nice reminder of what a desirable, beautiful part of town this is.

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Jonathan Hudson quoted in Property Drum – ‘Online estate agents are not covered by Estate Agents Act 1979 says OFT’, November 2013

New OFT guidance on the definition of estate agents, states that private sales portals do not need to conform to the Estate Agents Act. The OFT website text referring to exemptions from the Act has been changed to reflect this guidance

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Jonathan Hudson quoted in TNT Magazine – ‘Lord of the lies: How to deal with a difficult landlord’, August 2013

Beware the trap of the arsehole landlord. TNT finds out how to avoid them and what to do if you have one Renting in London is the favoured option for expats – and anyone who doesn’t have a spare half-a-million quid knocking about.

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Jonathan Hudson quoted in Love Money – ‘The pros and cons of online estate agents’, February 2013

Selling your house is stressful and expensive but if you could cut your fees by using an online estate agent would you? Homebuyers, sellers and prospective renters are increasingly turning to the internet to make their move.

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Hudsons Property quoted in LondonLovesBusiness – ‘Exclusive: Why London’s prime property market is in gridlock’, November 2012

Sales of luxury London homes down 50% as Osborne gears to unveil further tax reforms London’s prime property market stumbles as uncertainty over tax reforms kills sales

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Jonathan Hudson quoted in Estate Agent Today – ‘Business minister Fallon welcomes estate agency’s new challengers’, September 2012

Whitehall’s determination to press through changes to the Estate Agents Act were underlined this week in a speech by government minister Michael Fallon in which he laid out the red carpet – but not the red tape – for new business models.

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Section 21s: New changes to the way eviction notices are served following the Deregulation Act 2015

From the 1st October, the Deregulation Act 2015 will come into force and affect all landlords in England and Wales. The act introduces a number of important changes and rules regarding when a landlord can serve a Section 21 Notice, in order to evict tenants and regain possession of their property. Here we’ll provide a quick guide to the new act and how it will affect you as a landlord.

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