Hudsons Property Team Spreads Festive Cheer: A Jolly Santa Dash for UCLH Gift of Giving Appeal Charity - Hudsons

Hudsons Property Team Spreads Festive Cheer: A Jolly Santa Dash for UCLH Gift of Giving Appeal Charity

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In the heart of London, on the crisp afternoon of December 18, 2023, the Hudsons Property team from Fitzrovia donned their festive attire, transforming into a sea of red and white Santas and Mrs Santas. Their mission was to spread holiday cheer while raising funds for a noble cause. This heartwarming event unfolded as the team embarked on a 7-kilometer run through central London, passing iconic landmarks, and successfully raising £3440 for the UCLH Gift of Giving Appeal.

The Festive Spirit Takes Over: The chilly air in Marylebone couldn’t dampen the high spirits of the Hudsons Property team as they gathered for the UCLH Santa Dash Charity run. Dressed head-to-toe in Santa and Mrs Santa costumes, the team radiated infectious festive energy, setting the tone for a joyous and charitable adventure.

Landmark-Filled Route: The 7-kilometer route took the spirited Santas through some of London’s most iconic landmarks, creating a picturesque journey filled with holiday merriment. Starting in Marylebone, the team weaved through the historic streets, making stops at prime London landmarks such as The Langham, BBC headquarters, and the vibrant Great Titchfield Street.

As the Santas continued their journey, the Senate Building in Bloomsbury, Russell Square, and the renowned Great Ormond Street provided a scenic backdrop for their festive run. The route then wound its way through the lively and twinkly atmosphere of Covent Garden Piazza and the fun buzz of China Town, before concluding the festive journey back in Fitzrovia.

Running for a Cause: Beyond the festive costumes and the picturesque route, the core of this Santa Dash was the commitment to making a difference. The Hudsons Property team undertook this charitable endeavour to support the UCLH Gift of Giving Appeal, raising £3,440 in the process. These funds have contributed to the incredible work done by University College London Hospitals to improve patient care and support vital medical research.

Team Spirit and Community Engagement: The success of the Hudsons Property Santa Dash was not just in the funds raised, but also in the sense of community and team spirit it fostered. The team’s commitment to both festive fun and social responsibility showcased their dedication to making a positive impact beyond the realms of property management.

Social Media Buzz: The Santa Dash naturally generated a significant buzz on social media platforms. Pictures and videos of the Hudsons Property team transforming into a sea of Santas and Mrs Santas flooded Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. The infectious joy and charitable spirit captured in these posts not only amplified the event’s reach but also inspired others to contribute to similar causes.

Conclusion: The Hudsons Property team’s Santa Dash through central London was more than just a festive spectacle; it was a heartwarming demonstration of community engagement while raising much needed funds for UCLH patients and staff. By combining the joy of the holiday season with a commitment to supporting the UCLH Gift of Giving Appeal, the team exemplified the true spirit of giving as the Santas and Mrs Santas crossed the finish line in Fitzrovia.

Corporate Fundraising Manager for UCLH, Lizzy Cubitt, who has just awarded the Hudsons team their certificates, said “Thank you so much from all at UCLH Charity to Team Hudsons for taking part in the 2023 Santa Run to support patients and staff at University College London Hospitals this Christmas. Your amazing total of £3,440 towards our Gift of Giving Appeal ensured that we were able to provide over 1000 gifts so that every patient in our hospitals this Christmas received a little something to brighten their day and make their stay more comfortable, as well as supporting the staff who take care of them over the season. Thank you!”


You can still donate to this very worthy cause by clicking this link


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