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10 reasons to use a surveyor

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10 reasons to use a surveyor

A guest blog from Right Surveyors

We know that a surveyor’s report is absolutely invaluable when you’re buying a new home, but thousands of new homeowners still proceed on the basis of a simple mortgage valuation.

Perhaps those that don’t get a survey are unaware of the reasons why they should? Here’s why:

1. A surveyor will go into parts of the property you wouldn’t usually see before purchase – including the roof space, all the outbuildings and the drainage / sewerage system.

2. A surveyor will view the property with an unbiased, critical eye – he won’t be looking at paint colours and potential decorations, only at the defects which could compromise your investment or your living environment.

3. A surveyor will become your very own professional advisor – talking you through his or her findings and helping you understand any problems and how they fit in with the property overall.

The right surveyor for Colchester explains:

It’s one thing to write a long report with lots of complex terminology, it’s another thing to help your client truly understand their property’s intricacies. A good surveyor takes the time to explain his or her findings, their seriousness and the consequences of ignoring them.

4. A surveyor can provide you with a market valuation as part of their service, which takes in to account any defects they find. You can negotiate as a result and potentially save thousands.

5. A surveyor can provide a value for your insurance cover, to make sure you have adequate coverage if the worst were to happen.

6. A surveyor will provide you with a written report you can rely on (unless you go for verbal advice only). You can pass it to your solicitors, you can use it as the basis for builders’ quotes and you can even take it to your insurers if you already own the property.

7. A surveyor will help you plan years into the future. A good report doesn’t just highlight current serious defects, it brings to your attention problems which could rear their ugly heads in the future. That helps you budget and plan accordingly.

8. A surveyor’s keen eye for defects will help you catch flaws early. When it comes to property problems, the earlier the better. A small crack is easily fixed, but left to expand under pressure from structural movement, that small crack becomes a big problem.

9. A surveyor can advise you on your future plans. Thinking about an extension? Removing a chimney breast? Changing the structure of a building is complex and a holistic approach is required, taking into account a disparate range of factors like planning, structural calculations and material characteristics. A good surveyor can advise you on these and help you avoid costly mistakes or omissions.

10. A surveyor is not a builder. Some proceed to buy a property in London with the advice of a builder, typically someone they know or have used before. It’s worth remembering two things though: a builder is not impartial, nor are they usually professionally qualified. Contrastingly, a Chartered Surveyor goes through a rigorous process of training which takes years and, once chartered, they adhere to a strict ethical code of conduct.

About the author:

The Right Surveyors are a national group of chartered surveyors, stretching from Cornwall to Newcastle and everywhere in between. With 19 practices, each individually led by an experienced local chartered surveyor, we can provide any client, private or corporate, with the surveying service they need.

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