Your Wellbeing During Lockdown: The Central London Estate Agents Advice

By Jonathan Hudson | 30th May 2020 | Blog | Hudsons News

One can dream of a prolonged time at home, but now the dream is a reality and does it match up to your expectations? Under different, more favourable circumstances perhaps. But it has at least given us all a valuable insight on your well being during a lockdown. For some, it will evoke a need to move for larger living space, with a private outside area or an additional room for a home office or dare I say it, another new addition to the family in 7 months!

Time well spent at home

No matter what your needs are, the fact is you have had a lot more time at home. Perhaps you are working from home, homeschooling, relaxing whilst under furlough, learning a new skill or hobby or even renovating your property from head to toe. Some like me have discovered they rather enjoy a spot of gardening and appreciate just how calming and thought-provoking such an activity can be (and the sense of achievement). Being in central London, the Hudsons team have noticed some beautiful terraces, balconies and 'yardens' (a cross between a garden and a yard) that are looking the best they have for years. Bloomsbury in bloom, for instance!

Exercise at home or discover a new gym in London's West End

That brings me on to general well-being during this period. Many of us have taken up our daily exercise allowance either by competing with the energetic boy done good, Joe Wicks on YouTube, running, cycling or going for a long walk and discovering a new local gem that we didn't know existed. There are so many hidden gems in London's West End, and I would be keen to hear any stories about discoveries, just in case, I don't know about them!

A home of sanctuary in Central London

Customers and clients I speak to now are worried that a job or two they had promised to do during lockdown hasn't started yet. They are beginning to feel the pressure to complete the task before some form of normality returns and that in itself can cause some anguish. Although, none more so than those who are suffering perhaps from some mental health issues whilst being cooped up in a home that probably isn't big enough for the amount of time spent there or hasn't got the outside space to go and take a break in the revitalising sunshine.

Without a doubt, your home is your castle. At Hudsons, our Central London estate agents are already assisting with many enquiries about life-changing decisions made during this period. Many not wanting to be caught out if there is a repeat, whilst others are going for a complete life-is-too-short mentality and moving out of London for pastures greener. With some of those deciding to buy or rent a pied a terre in town, enabling them to travel less daily and work from home more regularly.

Lightning is said never to strike twice but with so much at stake with the well-being of you and your loved ones isn't it time, if you haven't already, to re-evaluate your home, life, work rhythm and make some life-enhancing changes?

The Hudsons estate agents are here to help

Our properties are all available to view on a virtual 360 tour, go online at, select some properties, then contact our team on +44 (0)20 7323 2277 or at [email protected] You will immediately be able to have a virtual tour with one of our dedicated, experienced members of staff, along with much-valued advice and local insight knowledge. Physical viewings are operational again with strict health and safety social distancing measures in place to protect both customers and staff.

Contact Hudsons today for more details.

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