Shrewd Students Avoid the Rush Hour

By Jonathan Hudson | 13th Jul 2018 | Blog | Property Advice

Each year, from mid-August until early October, activity in student lettings for overseas and second-year students rockets. Many return from their holidays without the knowledge of what lies before them with a hectic rush to secure a home to live in for the remainder of the course; it’s that busy that it is like traveling at rush hour and expecting a clear run, only to be met with more traffic and less alternative route options as everyone is trying to find the same outcome!

But this is changing, and every year we witness more and more students preparing early and getting in touch in June and July to secure their home for the next 12, 24 or 36 months.

By doing so many are not only locking in a great price (this can be gained by agreeing to rent a property for a longer term), but they also have access to a lot more choice.

We see it time and again; many arrive back to London and take what is left. Just think - this is where you will be spending much of your time, where you will study, sleep, entertain your friends and spend much of your free time for the next three or four years.  

So why not spend it in the best surroundings, near to where you will study, at the best rate and with the friends you want to be with (rather than leaving friends to live elsewhere because what was left didn’t suit them)?

So be a savvy student this year and beat the rush hour, plan ahead and go away for the summer rested and peaceful in mind and body, safe in the knowledge that when you return from vacation you have a great home to enjoy. We have student property near UCL, LSE, Hult Business School, University of London and SOAS.

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