The 2019 Election Housing Report: What Are the Parties Promising?

By Jonathan Hudson | 11th Dec 2019 | Property Advice

Taking a closer look at the 2019 Election Housing Report, how could promises made by parties affect you?

Get the Look: Three On-Trend International Interior Design Styles for your Space

By Jonathan Hudson | 4th Dec 2019 | Property Advice

As citizens of the world, we’re free to roam wherever our holiday budget allows us to travel and of course, sometimes that means we end up bringing the occasional home decor idea back. But why stop at the odd souvenir when you could re-imagine your whole living space to reflect the spirit and culture of a country you love to visit? Here we take the advice from Space Consultancy ( and look at three stunning international interior design trends that could transform your home.

Top Tips When Negotiating a Property Sale

By Jonathan Hudson | 19th Feb 2019 | Property Advice

Property transactions are one of the most personal costs that most people will ever make. Read our top tips on negotiating property transactions.

Good smells sell - don’t let bad odours put potential buyers off the scent!

By JONATHAN HUDSON | 28th Nov 2018 | Property Advice

We all love a property with a happy atmosphere and in order to make sure a buyer’s attitude doesn’t stink after viewing your house here are some ideas to make sure your property is smelling as fresh as a daisy!

Top Tips to Avoid a Down-Valuation on Your Home

By Jonathan Hudson | 19th Jul 2018 | Property Advice

As buyers search for more value, the property market has softened. At times like this, sellers can find themselves at the mercy of surveyors once a sale has been agreed.

Shrewd Students Avoid the Rush Hour

By Jonathan Hudson | 13th Jul 2018 | Property Advice

Each year, from mid-August until early October, activity in student lettings for overseas and second-year students rockets. Many return from their holidays without the knowledge of what lies before them with a hectic rush to secure a home to live in for the remainder of the course; it’s that busy that it is like traveling at rush hour and expecting a clear run, only to be met with more traffic and less alternative route options as everyone is trying to find the same outcome!