Resident Letter from Westminster City Council Regarding the Pedestrianisation of Oxford Street

By Jonathan Hudson | 11th Jun 2018 | Government Regulation

For many of our readers, the news that Westminster Council has decided not to proceed with the Pedestrianisation of Oxford Street will be warmly received. Please see below a copy of the notification we received from the Marylebone Association, a letter written by the Leader of Westminster City Council, confirming that Oxford Street will not be pedestrianised, but improvements will be planned to the benefit of all.

What the Stamp Duty Land Tax changes mean for the property market

By Jonathan Hudson | 22nd Nov 2017 | Government Regulation

I’m disappointed the Chancellor hasn’t decided to make changes to resolve the higher price brackets of stamp duty by trying only to help first time buyers, which will continue to reduce transaction levels in central London property.

How Could the Interest Rate Rise Effect Property?

By Jonathan Hudson | 3rd Nov 2017 | Government Regulation

Good news or bad news? Well mainly good I’d say if we look at the reality.