Get the Look: Three On-Trend International Interior Design Styles for your Space

By Jonathan Hudson | 4th Dec 2019 | Blog | Property Advice

As citizens of the world, we’re free to roam wherever our holiday budget allows us to travel and of course, sometimes that means we end up bringing the occasional home decor idea back. But why stop at the odd souvenir when you could re-imagine your whole living space to reflect the spirit and culture of a country you love to visit? Here we take the advice from Space Consultancy ( and look at three stunning international interior design trends that could transform your home.


Rattan Furnishings 

  • They can be combined with many other trends - Nordic, 70s or Sustainable Simplicity. 
  • They look great when paired with sheepskin accessories.
  • They really compliment a feature jewel-toned velvet sofa.

Interior Design Ideas - Hudsons Property


Eclectic Accessories

These pieces would suit the architecture familiar with countries like France (Beaux-Arts Architecture), England (Victorian Architecture) and Germany (Gründerzeit); and bring that real diversity into a home or residential property. A mix of bold black and white soft furnishings with colourful lamps, coffee table books and other accessories can be the key ingredients to create that luxurious lifestyle feel. Different textures work well too as suggested below. But don’t just stop there, be bold with key art pieces like prints and vases too! 

Interior Design Trends -  Hudsons Property


Colour Way: Coral + Mustard + Gold

Living Coral was Pantone's Colour of the Year 2019 so it's great to pair it with complimentary cushions says Joanna at Space Consultancy. These colours will really brighten up both an urban apartment or a period property and although they do remind us of a slice of Battenberg cake; styled correctly, they can really bring a space alive.

Home Decor ideas -  Hudsons Property


Bringing these global style ideas back is one thing, but putting it together to completely transform a room/space or to add to what you already have is a skill in itself.

So many homeowners and developers these days are enlisting the skills of professional furniture stylists in order to create the vibe that best suits the owner and the area in question.

For more information on how you could make the leap, contact Joanna at Space Consultancy on [email protected] or call 07563258206.

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