COVID-19: London Estate Agent are adapting for business

By | 23rd Apr 2020 | Blog | Hudsons News

“Without a doubt, we are in unprecedented times,” says Jonathan Hudson, founder of London’s West End London estate agents Hudsons Property. And he’s right. The coronavirus crisis has turned London from a buzzing metropolis into a ghost town in just a few weeks.

When the crisis first emerged, the London property market was enjoying a resurgence after years of Brexit uncertainty. December’s general election results appeared to restore confidence but this new wave of optimism was short-lived, as just three months later the coronavirus pandemic forced the market into a further slowdown.

Property sales go online

One result of the coronavirus restrictions is that estate agents and customers are adapting and learning to work in new ways. Because of physical distancing rules, most estate agents in London are now working from home, relying on technology to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers or landlords and tenants.

Since news of the pandemic first broke, the sales team at Hudsons Property has been ahead of the curve, bringing together all the technical solutions necessary to support clients and to continue trading as leading central London estate agents. Before the lockdown was imposed, the agency moved quickly to video all available properties, and thanks to their quick thinking they are now in a position to offer virtual viewings and valuations.

Although virtual viewings are not intended to replace physical viewings, they can be very useful as a tool to help buyers and tenants draw up a shortlist of properties. These homes can then be visited in person as soon as restrictions are lifted. That said, only last week we agreed a new deal on a rental property in Covent Garden on behalf of our landlord who was very grateful as their expectation was quite low given the lockdown. This goes to show that whilst things may seem unlikely right now, Hudsons never give up and our attitude and determination paid great dividends for our client.

Using a video conferencing app, Hudsons’ property agents can showcase London properties in surprising detail. Virtual valuations – where the homeowner creates a video tour of their home - can also be remarkably accurate given Hudsons excellent record in their area for the last 18 years and there aren’t many properties or apartments they haven’t sold or let!

Keep safe and plan

Throughout the coronavirus crisis, we have been following government advice on social distancing and the protection of at-risk groups at Hudsons. Our aim is to create an environment that is as safe as possible for our clients and staff.

Under the current COVID-19 lockdown, many homeowners are using the time to seek advice and plan their next move. Preparation is particularly important at this time, as when restrictions are lifted, the market is predicted to take off again quickly due to pent-up demand.

Whatever your property questions or concerns, Hudsons agents are available to talk things through, either online or on the phone during normal office hours. You can call Hudsons on 020 7323 2277 or email [email protected]

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