A rental agreed in lockdown: One of the success stories of Hudsons virtual viewings!

By Jonathan Hudson | 5th May 2020 | Blog | Hudsons News

Great news – although we are in uncertain times during this CV-19 virus lockdown Hudsons are still agreeing on new deals for customers looking to move ahead with property rentals and purchases. With modern technology and our excellent local market knowledge combined with years of experience working in the West End of London’s property market, can put together enough market intel to help tenants and buyers make informed decisions, even during this present stay at home environment.

A high number of leads are coming in from interested renters looking to secure accommodation both in the near term and as we come out of lockdown. Now there is only really one way to go in lockdown and that’s a virtual viewing. I’m super pleased this method has recently worked for one of my customers, Amelie – who can’t wait to move into her new home and can now relax in this stressful time.

A quick jump to the virtual business

As a company, we videoed all our collection of property in West End pre-lockdown (PL). So we were ready to offer our landlords an ongoing platform to rent their property and potential tenants the opportunity to secure something whilst we still have the restrictions in place. We arrange a call with tenants who are very keen and have an urgent need to move, and then we set up a video call where we share our screen, show them the video, explain the best features as we do a virtual walkthrough. We then share data on what’s in the local area and answer any queries. I personally like to explain all the best places to grab a coffee, eat and socialise (I’m a foodie so love trying out all the new and exciting places that are open).

Anyways after conducting a few of these, I managed to show a property situated in a wonderful red-brick mansion block near Leicester Square. It’s a period building and benefits from high ceilings and a great light space. Amelie had been looking since early February and had viewed another one in the same building so she knew the fabric of the building. After going through all the essentials and virtually walking her through each room, she decided to put a deposit down there and then (via a bank transfer)! All whilst I was here at home working away like the rest of my colleagues!

Hudsons new way of working in COVID

This virtual working here at Hudsons is certainly a change from the norm. We have a zoom video meeting with the team every morning at 9 am and many more with my lettings department throughout the day to make sure we are all in sync and even get together every Friday for virtual Quarantini’s at 5 pm! I enjoy sharing a virtual drink and catching up on the good things from that week, which makes up a little for the missed camaraderie in our normal office day.

Stay safe everyone – if you need a rental property soon in the West End I’d be delighted to help - please get in touch with me but not at 5 pm on a Friday please as I may be on quarantini time !


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